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for two solo percussionists and symphony orchestra
and symphony orchestra

The Bulgarian Night is the newest project of the artists Georgi Varbanov and Alexander Kamenarov. This project is detailed reflection of the depth of the Bulgarian soul.

It contents 4 movements which are not separated but flow into one another. The titles of the movements are as follow:

Improvisation and Dance

Memories of Seashore
A Restaurant on the Istanbul Road

Gornodikansko Horo

The Bulgarian Night immerses the listener in a richness of Bulgarian music heritage. The melodies are leading our imagination through impressive landscapes and various folklore scenes. 

The richness of the music offers something to everyone - from the romantic contemplation of the cost of Black Sea ( Memories of Seashore ), through the pure joy of making music ( Improvisation and Dance ), to the obsession of the wild Bulgarian dance.



live concert version of the CD program Rhythm is in my heart.

A journey that allows insight into the artists imaginary world of emotions and connection to each different instrument. 

… I, the percussionist, hit everywhere.

Give me a table, a wall, the back of a cup, a tabla or even your cheek. I converse with sounds; such is my quest.

The rain strikes my window; it is music. I tap the back of my foot; it is music. A spoon on a pot, a finger on the round of my cheeks and the tip of my lips; this is music, too...

You too, search out, experiment and join this orchestra of phalanges...

Art Project

Three artists with the same origin, who are making music in three different countries – Denmark, Qatar and France, get together again to cooperate in creating an experimental contemporary music. 

The main goal of BEYOND THE GENIUS is to give a different point of view of famous contemporary art creations through music tools.

The ensemble follows the tradition of many composers of the past, such as M. Mussorgsky, C. Debussy, T. Sukegawa, of describing achievements from different arts likewise painting or architecture with the language of the music. 

Once Albert Einstein listed the five ascending levels of cognitive prowess (Intellect). The first four were smart, intelligent, brilliant and genius. The last one which was beyond the genius was just … simple. For Einstein, simplicity was simply the highest form of Intellect. The moto of Yavor, Alexander and Georgi is “Simple goes beyond the limit of the genius”.

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