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Bach Gique Suite

There is not so much to say, just nice music and exercise !

Decision at the moment / about timing

How to integrate clear rhythmical part in a fluid orchestra movement together with the soloist who is 15 meters away? Playing forward...

KOPA-NICA Duo Version

the piece was composed for the “Pendim International Percussion Competition 2007” free download:


happy to present our new homepage of the unique idea of creating, research and perform. Curious ? Just have a...

KOPANICA 2 for percussion solo - free download


BEYOND THE GENIUS ART PROJECT: "ODE TO THE CAN" BY ANDREO MICHAELO MIELCZAREK Merda d'artista deserves a sound work, thought Ensemble...

Eckermann drums 🥁

The Eckermann drums collection 😍 Impressive quality of frame and skin 👉🏻those drums can sing 🎶

Beyond The Genius Art Project

Imagine we could describe this can with pure music... imagine we have already done it... Some reviews after the premiere of our...

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